New W.Record: 95m Highline Send-Jerry, again.

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New W.Record: 95m Highline Send-Jerry, again.

Postby faith » Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:35 pm

Last week we made a lovely 5-person highline trip to Ostrov, Czech republic. We rigged a beautiful new line established by Kwjet Oslaf, "Isand King" at 56 meters long (184 feet) with various on sights, all of us completing FM that day! All rigged on natural protection, with vectran backup and 3 ton orange webbing (65grams per meter)

Next day we transfered the same line, tapes and all, to a rock tower farther away, tensioned up a longggggg line, and everyone took some turns fighting on it. It was beastly, the anchor was so far away. Sometimes the wind would strike up a crazy reverberation. The second day, after tensioning a bit more, in the last couple hours of daylight Jerry stood up and said "Alright, I'm going to send it." and he did. We measured it afterwards, and the line was an astounding 95 meters long (312 feet) and so Jerry beat the world record again, sending the line "Master of the Universe"
What a badass! Kwjet had great tries too, walking halfway best try, Jordan walked about 35m best try, and Janek and I walked about 25m best attempts. So, the rest of us have some more training to do, but it was very inspiring to see Jerry walk so smoothly across a longline-highline. We derigged the line smoothly, all satisfied that someone has sent, and went to enjoy some czech beer.
Ah, Slacklife is good.
Congratulations Jerry!
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Re: New W.Record: 95m Highline Send-Jerry, again.

Postby Frankie » Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:59 am

So awesome dude! Way to CRUSH!!!!
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Re: New W.Record: 95m Highline Send-Jerry, again.

Postby Slackin-Jer » Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:29 pm

Read a little about this line here, as well as Andy's latest line "The Aphrodisiac". ... hrodisiac/

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